Real Madrid's UCL Chances Without Ramos



Big news coming out of spain. Circe ammos out for at least four weeks. Which of course means he will miss. The champions league tie against live roy. Jones e. use stevie to talk about how happy you are about this. Well everybody smile. Would you late daniel okay. Let's see the fact that he's not playing as much as hearts. Real madrid is definitely a philip for liverpool. You know when when you step on the failed and you look at the opposition and you see some remorse and the other side the only thing you know as regardless of what you think of him as a player. He's going to make everybody around him better for everybody around the ease and for the coach. You know that he's going all denies things defensively and this case ramos defensively so this is a huge bull to them as i said. Let's a huge full of pool. Of course you take a look at circuit ronald's not playing in champions league ties and inevitably joe's it's not a surprise that makes horrible readings for real madrid fans. The last set matches didn't feature in they only one three losing seven. Is this disastrous. She say now real madrid. Don't have a hope office more than than more than the best defender he's ten. He's the leader of that team. He brings so much more than just defending and of course. There's hope there's always hope because he's a really good squads but we've we've seen without him dot von he's noise best like tvs said he makes people around him better. We know that not true. Who would replace him is obviously knows goods and you can make the point for maybe two behind him for mirrow in front of or you can just imagine all the bearings team being very different.

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