The Movement Behind 'Period. End of Sentence.'


When soviet time was just nineteen. She did something remarkable person of any age. She won an oscar for executive producing the documentary period. End of sentence. The short film tackles what many consider an unmentionable topic menstruation and specifically period poverty. The film bills that far too many women and girls lack access to clean menstrual supplies and that affects their ability to get an education or earn a living. The film shows how one village india installed a machine that makes low cost biodegradable sanitary pads. Which women sell to other women at an affordable price. Sophie won the oscar in two thousand nineteen and helped ignite a movement that has gone global now in her junior year at yale she also co founded the pad project a nonprofit dedicated to ending period. Inequity she started it when she was just sixteen years old. We asked sophie about how the pad project is making a difference for women and girls. Here's what she had to say so fi. Thanks so much for joining us. And he's not avenida daycare. The sophie you and a few colleagues launched a nonprofit called the pad project. Can you tell us what that is and what it does. Yes so the pad project is a certified five. Oh one c. Three non profit and we are focused on roddick heating period already Which is basically a fundamental issue when people menstruate access to care products on his stomach level and why that is such problem Because most of the time young girls will lack access to period care products routinely And then they will behind in school because they'll stay home one or two days a week. They have their period and eventually also behind in school drop-out entirely And this often happens. In developing countries and this just continues to add to the gender gap in education and so really just learning about period poverty at all was a huge opener for us in high school

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