Was This Marcus Smart's Worst Game for the Celtics?


Not worried about -fornia he didn't look too involved and then again the ball time it was smart smart was absolutely horrific is bad as you can be is one of his worst games ever and you saw after he pulled the half court heave. The team just imploded. I mean everybody was like what was that. And then all of a sudden there watching zion. five them ingram's into the free throw line twelve times well and their defense just reached a new Wasn't great start the game but after that it just completely opened up because i think the whole team was which has happened and then they were down by thirteen. I swear to be contrarian. Bobby because i was i thought smart was brutal law game however that comeback in large part had to do with putting him on zion And that made a big difference because nobody else was able to keep cy on in front of him. Whatever they tried and then smart got that you know got the offensive. Foul got a couple of things rolling and made it harder for him. We had the work that matchup that that that paid off so he he definitely tone for it a little bit late. But you're right. it was someone else. Tweeted that to after that. Weird half court heave. It was just you know it was a weird mark. Your shrimp

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