Seattle Mariners open the 2021 season


At T Mobile Park fans will be back into the stands and our Mariners insider Shannon Dreyer is here. Theo, tell us what we could expect the season first, You must be pretty excited to see the fans back. Oh, yeah, It's absolutely thrilled to get to see people come into the ballpark, and I really didn't know until they weren't there. Just the impact that they have and the energy that they bring to a stadium and then just, you know the idea that this is really the first kind of mass live event in Seattle. Since the end of March last year. Ah, a lot of excitement surrounding all of this. This should be the year where all the agony of the previous years is finally behind us, and the team can start to sing. Yeah, you hope so, you know, Unfortunately, under the original plan, that's absolutely would have been that year. But last year season, which was to be a developmental season, the opportunity Get the young players. We all full season in the big leagues and get their legs under them turned out to be just two months. So you know, I I don't know how much they can accelerate through this year and by the end point to be where they hope to be. It's you've got to be realistic and realized how much was lost last year. But being down in spring training for three weeks, they think the imagination does start to wander a little bit because we saw some great performances from not only the young stars they're going to start the season with the big league squad, but the ones that are kind of come come up during the year. So, Yeah, I think that at the very least, I think this team should finish very strongly. And I think people should have a good feeling about it. That the group that they put together as the potential to be something special. I think I'm very out of touch with the

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