Paul Simon Sells Catalog to Sony Music Publishing


Simon was selling his song catalog. Yeah, he's joined the ranks of some other music greats. I think you and I talked about Bob Dylan. Not that long ago, but Paul Simon has has done the same. He sold his entire song catalog to Sony Music. And the deal that the terms of that were not disclosed, But you know the same with Bob Dylan when Bob Dylan's sold his. It was estimated to be about three worth about $300 million, so you can kind of guess Paul Simon's probably in that same neighborhood, But Neil Young did this recently. Stevie Nicks has done this, and it's kind of joining these music greats that are selling off their their song catalog. So we'll see what happens there. You know, when Neil Young did it, he was very specific about these cannot be in jingles. Thieves cannot be. He had some rules about what couldn't could not happen to his songs. So we'll see. I think more will emerge about about Paul Simon here. But when you think about, you know the late fifties, when he started with Art Garfunkel, just the body of work since then, that's a lot of music.

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