Are Parabens Safe For Cosmetics?


We did get a very interesting question this week. Observer asks high a recently bencher podcasts. And i'm wondering if you could provide an update on your parabens stance. There have been multiple studies showing parabens. Enter disrupters so. I wanted to know if you still think. Parabens are completely safe in products. Well boy we've been talking about parabens. Since i first started doing the beauty brains back in two thousand and five thousand. I was whenever early. They were hated back then. They were well. Two thousand and five was when there was a darby study that She essentially linked with the quotes in there Breast cancer to pair of exposure in anti perseverance. Now the fact that don't have parabens that was kind of lost on her but this is going to happen when university types who haven't actually been in the industry start doing research subject they They might miss some subtle things. And that's what happened in that paper. Subsequently you know that paper Well i've heard that that paper was retracted. But i don't. I don't have any verification that that was rejected. I just know that the paper was roundly criticized and Toxicologists don't really take it seriously but even so in the paper that darby published She never linked parabens to breast cancer. Said that this is the thing we got to look into. That was the strongest claim that she made. She never said oh. Parabens caused breast cancer. It got turned into parabens caused breast cancer. And that's kind of kicked off the whole fear of parabens but parabens they. There is no evidence that they cause

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