Americans Will Spend $15,000 on Lifetime Skincare

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New report from skin store dot com says americans will spend fifteen thousand dollars on skin care in their lifetime which is insane to me. I mean i believe it. I mean go buy a car no car by skin care. It's three hundred and twenty two dollars a year. The retailer is looking at trends Stats from retailers. And also google searches and things to determine the most popular products of the past year. A couple of other things that came out of this report which will link to a found that no big surprise here. Handcream was a huge trend this year. Because we've all been washing our hands so much the other one that jessen. I've dabbled into this year and talk to you about his face tools. One of the big trends of twenty twenty one. A lot of people o'brien face tools and the last thing i thought was kind of interesting was over the last five years. There's been a four hundred percent increase in interest in men's skin care

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