Weike Wang Reads Lara Vapnyar


Heike haidara how you doing all right. Thanks for joining us. So when we talked about doing the podcast laura vapin. Er was your first thought. Why was that. I thought neon sign went off of my head. I've read the store many times but this was one of the first stories that you know From the magazine that i read and then it stuck with me for a really long time and since then i've read her older stories in the magazine but also all of her collections. Her novels i think her most recent one about her mother Right divide by. Sarah is a great example of being introduced to a very small piece of a writer's work and then wanting to read everything about what she's written and seeing what kind of terrain she covers them. So she's one of those writers that i'm always recommending to everyone. What was it when about this story when you read it. That made such an impression. I think she does a great job of being very laser focused on an experience from childhood. That has an impact in in adulthood for this protagonist and Her friend while also taking on something as large as may be the immigrant experience but having that happened mostly off stage and i found that incredible that the first half is mostly set. You know in a foreign country with Girls who are just like girls in any country and somehow we end up in a different place by the end of the story. I'm just amazed at how much time and also territory was covered with very very specific characters and just dolls and you also right Fairly often about the life of immigrants in the us and roy The story is about. Russian emigrants not immigrants from china but Do you feel that. There's overlap in your interests right. I did feel a certain kinship about that experience very familiar train. It was eerie. When i read it because i understood so much about the interior of the protagonist in that relationship but also just the backdrop of what was happening and class class within immigrants class in your native country in your new country. I found that was done expertly but very very very subtly.

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