New Verizon promotion offers discounts when swapping a broken phone for a 5G one


Up to now? Victoria? Well, they have a new deal that suspiciously launches today, but they they are insisting that this is not related to April. Fool's, So it does sound a little too good to be true, especially if you have a useless broken phone that doesn't work anymore. Because Verizon's insisting that starting today customers can trade in an old cracked or water, damaged phone and get up to $1000 off a new five g phone like either the iPhone 12 or the Samsung Galaxy s 21. Now the promo does not extend to phones that have battery damaged because their safety concerns there with that. But other than that, if you have a phone that's just sitting around an old and broken there clearly telling you that if you especially if you are switching providers, and you go to Verizon from a different provider that they're going to give you a lot of money and credit for those broken phones so you can find out the value of your phone on Verizon's Web site. Or in any of the retail stores. But if you do plan to visit in person they you have to make an appointment because of covert, so eligibility requires upgrading or adding a new line or reporting a number, you know, bringing a number from a different different provider. So a few new they have a new lines and a new phone for a number of pardons or current customers. Porting the line from a different network. You got a $300 Verizon gift card for an iPhone trade in or a $200 gift card for an android phone. So if you're upgrading your phone, and you're already a customer, Verizon, you can still bring them a broken phone to trade in. They'll give you up to $440 in savings, and there's no limit to what I do for a current Is it for current customers are new customers. It's for both. You get more money if you're a new customer, but you will get some savings. If you are a current Verizon customer, and you have a broken phone or an old phone that doesn't work. So if you are, there's no limit to how many phones per account you can trade in, which is also kind of big and that's that's a big part of this deal, and it's limited

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