Clinical trials underway to test jab efficacy for children in the UK

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Some queued for hours outside wall substitute library for walk. In short of the coluna virus vaccine. Three thousand jobs were given here during the day earlier. This week it was announced that fifty seven percent of all adults in the uk been given at least one shot but now could the nation's children also joining the lines. Trials are apparently on the way. Our deputy political editor. Nicholas cecil has stored nicholas. How young are we talking about here. Well at the moment scientists and health experts in bristol. The building children's vaccine said they have a study underway involving children who are teenagers. And this is a study using the astra zeneca jab. They're expecting shortly to be given the go ahead to start recruiting younger children as young as five and the reason why they're doing these trials is that so far all. The clinical trials have been adults to check that the vaccine was safe and worked in adults. And now they're checking out with it. It'd be equally safe and effective for for for children for people under eighteen benegas. Do we need to give children a virus facts. Because i thought you know the whole point of them. Going back to school was because young people don't get the serious effects of covid nineteen if the contract. This is a very interesting ethical question children as you say if they do get grown virus they are very unlikely to get the disease severely. But there's a big issue here of nuts about the circulation of the virus so this study will look at whether the vaccine works in children and then the the experts expect decision by the government in the summer about whether to start vaccinating children and professor. Adam finn who's from bristol university one of the leading experts on this. He was explaining that to vaccinate children just for the benefit of other people that that could be questionable and he would feel uncomfortable about that but he explained that actually if vaccinating children meant that the disease was kept under control and that meant that schools could reopen safely in september then there would be a benefit to children and therefore actually giving the jabs to children we would be beneficial only to them but also society

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