The Tragedy of Teen Dating Violence


Today's show is gut wrenching but necessary very necessary to talk about. We're gonna talk about teen violence today. Teen dating violence and you know while i think february is teen dating violence awareness month. And i've done shows before on teen dating violence and i. I do safety tips. I've written sections in my college safety one. Oh one about domestic violence and all of that. So you know i know. It's really very prevalent. But i really don't think it's talked about enough because it is so prevalent and you know children at a young age just with puberty and starting to date and all of those things don't have the emotional intellect or the experience to really understand that. Yeah you know boys or girls or whatever. Don't treat each other that way. And i think you know the more we can get the message out to parents to teach their children in in whatever aspect and young people to just kind of share about their various experiences. I only think that that helps in our cause of you know safety tips and carrying about your personal safety and all of that so i was going and looking up because it was recently teen dating violence awareness month. Different statistics and thirty three percent of adolescents. In america are victim to sexual physical verbal or emotional dating abuse. I thought wow thirty. Three percent and females between the ages of sixteen and twenty four are roughly three times more likely than the rest of the population to be abused by an intimate partner.

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