A highlight from 3396: Keiths Birthday Spectacular 2021 w/ Newsy, Calvin Cato, Myka Fox, Christian Finnegan, Ophira Eisenberg, and Kevin Allison


Home welcome the keith. And the girl i say is day. This show was so fun. Hi folks welcome to keith in the girl week you're gonna love it you're gonna love it. It's not too late for people right now. Last night we had our first show. And i don't know how you feel but in a first show of five events i think has a big weight on it. You have to be ready for a lot. It's the big start at sets. The tone and i was so happy after this. Show thank you to all the guests that you're about to hear the people backstage. The people watching asking questions. It was so much fun. What a great. Start to keith girl week. And if you want tickets to the rest of these weeks events of this week's events keith. And the girl dot com slash tickets. You gotta join. It's so much fun live. I think my girlfriend's gonna come over today. Thinks she's surprising me. And i'm a little tired from working on all this stuff a little bit a little bit to be on. Can the describe to people what i'm doing right now. What is oh all right. He's got a little package opening it up taking out a couple of new pills just one just one and chewing it blow show. She's got to come over. And i might be tired. But not my heart. My brain and i'm going to have a rock hard pena's low choosing unique online service that delivers the same active ingredients as viagra and she alice fraction of the fractional cost. It's not even it's not even close cited close masirah later and all the intentional be there. That's on my part but the pill will make the tableau. Make sure things get done if you want to. Make sure you're ready. When the time comes it's blue. Keep molly senate. Here's a special need it. I just witnessed it. I got an. I got like the taste of law journal. Asia like the blue version of whatever you know the the blue one in the candy. Pack in the candy rolls glue one. I like so different. This one gives you a boner. We got a special deal for you. Try bluetooth free when you use our promo code k. a. g. at checkout five bucks shipping. Okay yeah that's a fair deal. Five dollars and the shipping is very subtle. It's not blue on the outside. Don't get at all they don't they don't they. Don't sue blue tongues. Blue and handier packing. Go good luck yeah. There's no wink. There's no wink anywhere. Blue chewed dot com. Promo code. k. T g receive your first month free. Thank you blew to happy birthday. Happy birthday to her about that right. Yeah a little pressure right because you have to work for your birthday. Yeah you usually wants to participate in a non work way. But that like you said is more energy. So congratulations to both of you. Thank you and good for her. Good for her that she gets the know me. Thank you blew. this is so fun. Be part of keith. And the girl week. Enjoy the show. I

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