Using Gene Therapy to Create a Drug Biofactory Within Patients

The Bio Report


Laurent. Thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me. We're gonna talk about wet age. Related macular degeneration aviram and its efforts to develop gene therapies for this and other conditions. Let's start with. Amd what is it. How does it manifests itself in progress. So wet n. g. or wet or neo vascular related. Macular degeneration is a disease. That affects Nuns of people globally. It manifests itself by fluid. That accumulates in the macula novice vision and patients. Who have this disease start. Losing their sights pretty rapidly. The current treatment of these patients Which has been developed since the mid thousand is to inject on a monthly or bimonthly basis in there. I a an antibody called an anti theft. The leading drugs. I leo flavors and it works quite well in studies. Where patients could. Actually i recover partner vision and maintain its with these frequent injections however in the real world over two years for a number of reasons Patients tend to lose vision. So there's a clear unmet medical need for treatments that are longer lasting and can bear real efficacy.

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