What About Canada's Blueprint for an Amazing Health Data System

The Big Story


Jordan heath rawlings. This is the big story. Justin ling is a freelance writer based in montreal who reports four among other places vice the globe and mail. And for this piece mcclain's justice adrian. Why don't you start with What's going to make every canadian listening to jellison. And tell us how israel got so many vaccines and why right so going back news at the start of the vaccine conversation really last summer or thereabouts. When a bunch of countries we're going around to various vaccine manufacturers and trying to figure out You know how much they're going to pay per dose when those doses are going to arrive which company they're going to go with so on and so forth. Israel did something very very clever and it's something that israel has sort of been delivering up towards for a long time. They went to pfizer for the most part. But also madonna and some others and said listen. We're gonna pay you a really good price for these vaccines and we want them fast and we want them in large quantities. And here's our proposition to you. We'll collect all the data you need. All the data on efficacy on adverse reactions on you know how long This immunity might last four on how quick it might come about Whether one shot is better than two shots whether there's some people who shouldn't get it whether there's some people who should get one dose and not the other israel basically said we can collect that data and we can give it to you and that for a drug company especially in the midst of all of this is extraordinarily valuable. Wild really be concerned at all about the safety of these vaccines. It is accurate to say that this entire process was truncated to allege degree. We went through the clinical trials of these vaccines much faster than we would normal circumstance. So israel's offer here was this sort of meant and sort of finish up and provide a really long look About the data of these vaccines and sort of a real life. Clinical trial

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