How Infrastructure as Code Is Accelerating Cloud Adoption

IT Visionaries


Welcome everyone to another episode of. It visionaries and today we have the vice president of engineering. And has she core pretty small pretty welcome to the show. Thanks matt super excited about chatting today all right. let's get right to it. How she court and its suite of products or some of the most popular products. In that i've ever heard about in Among the developer community. So everyone i know that is a full stack developer or back end. Developer is using a hash core product at some level for those. That don't know what you guys do. What is ashi core. And what are some of the products. And why do you think is become such a standard in the development community. Yeah awesome. Let's start with that. So how she is a company. That is really focused on helping customers on their journey to cloud no digital transformation is top of mind and it really depends the way that applications are being billed is no longer have sort of the traditional data centers in data methods of operating. And so are chronic. Swede is essentially helping customers on that journey when you think of us we were really founded as an open source software company and we have eight organ source projects today and these projects really kind of play different roles in that journey for the cloud operating model the first set of products really around helping developers kind of in their lifetime time environment in building images and those are aikman and packer. Richardson packer almost become household names in any developer community. Now we followed that with the tax reform and tear form is used to essentially provision your infrastructure.

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