Hideki Matsuyama wins Masters to become first Japanese man to claim major title


Every year we have a new story to tell. At Augusta National, and this time the story is told. Had decade. Matsuyama, the first Masters and major champion from Japan. He wins the green jacket in the 85th Masters at 10 under par for the tournament, one shot clear. American Will's Allah Taurus and Charlie Reimer under a bright blue sky at the end of the day, today hit Deck E Matsuyama as his countrymen. Woke up on a Monday morning in Japan provided them with a moment they'll never forget. Moment he'll remember for the rest of his life. Well, he played with so much pressure on his shoulders today, and when you when you look at the great players that have come out of Japan Going back to Jumbo Ozaki, who got to be a high as number five in the world. Three top tens and majors a sellout. Okey 1980. He finished second to Jack Nicklaus in the U. S Open five top tens and majors who was the first Japanese male toe went on the PGA Tour 1983 the hole out in Honolulu. Jack Renner was on the losing side of that. Hole out Tommy Nakajima six top tens and major. Some of the other great Japanese players. Shingo Katayama, Joe Ozaki. Yo Ishikawa, she gave keep Mariama Um, this victory is is on the back of the hard work that those players did. They sort of laid down the path for four, um, a decade and Coming into this. His accomplishments in the gang had already exceeded every one of the great players that I mentioned with the five wins on the PGA Tour Ah player that has been as high as number two in the world. But to carry all of that on his shoulders that the nation of Japan and an Olympic year And that If you start getting to the finances, there was speculation that if he were to win today, it might be worth a billion dollars to him and to go out and pull it off. Really, really Special day. It's

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