Tommy Lloyd Is the Next Coach at Arizona


Matt. Norlander is here with me in. Arizona has found shaun miller's replacement deadline when we talked about this after shawn miller was fired. We went through a list of candidates. And i think we sort of settled on the end of the day. I think it's going to be a gonzaga associate head coach. Tommy lloyd or former arizona star current pacific head coach damon stoudamire fast forward to today. It is tommy lloyd. He is leaving gonzaga. He will be the next head coach of the wildcats. Your thoughts. yeah. We have a listen. We have a long time coach in waiting for program legend. Who's been there decades deciding to leave and and and take a job in the pac twelve and It's mike hopkins all over can don't just kidding. But the parallels are actually there will credit an unnamed person. We both know who who made that to made. That comparison this i think is a pretty good higher now. This has been buzzed about. Since before shawn miller got fired. I have talked to a couple of people out for your. Oh quick i get your thoughts on it. There are a couple of people i've talked to. Who will never be not convinced. That tommy lloyd was approached about this like a month ago and basically said we want you to be the next coach in gonna fire shawn miller. I'm not saying that happened. I'm telling you there are people that believe this and this has been wired for a long time now. There were a couple of days here the past couple of days where the search kind of went on a not a pause but they topped the brakes through more interviews. That happened on tuesday. And they did legitimately interview miles. Simon damon stoudamire. Jason terry josh passenger. All these people were interviewed. There's a belief that eric muscleman whose doors to get himself his own new contract which if true or not. I don't think he needed arizona to get paid the way he got paid. But good on him. So

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