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Three to one and we're back deleted his april the fifteenth dumped on dumb tax day. Or everybody's on top of it or in the real estate industry. It's officially called the tax extension filing extension day which by the way listen laws changed. I believe you actually can get an extension through october. fifteenth right. yeah you're right so just maybe want keep that in mind. The point is do something today. Don't just do nothing about it. Yeah they don't like it if you do nothing so do something right. So if i own extension at the very least but off to greener pastures and. Let's talk about something that will help motivate you guys. Obviously we're dealing with a huge national and just call it what. It is a shortage of inventory of homes for sale. Everyone's talking about this. This is not new information on. We've talked about why this is happening. Know i have been going down probably for the last eighteen months Explain to you what was going on. A lot of people thought it was just interest rates at such a sincere interest rates. We're going to talk about specifically why There is going to be a shortage of inventory for quite some time to come which hopefully will throw more logs on the motivational fire for you guys to pivot and become listing agents. If you thought it was frustrating being a buyer's agent last year. Just wait until this year. It's going to be far more frustrating. And from what we can tell there's gonna be no change in that in that particular market shaft so as you're going through these points and hopefully you're writing these down when you're thinking about your also keeping in mind that you can Make the most of the market that the market the opportunity of the market is giving you. That's the thing you got to keep in mind. In real estate there's always going to be up. markets down. markets buyers market seller's market is going to be distressed markets. there's all kinds of different markets. You just need to condition your brain and your skillset so that you can actually be successful in any market because you can't be successful in any market there. Each market in each market gyration does require a different approach. But you can adapt you can change. Don't just be one of these agents can be successful one particular market. That's right and this podcast series is specifically for all of you guys who are still struggling with us. There are three parts to this podcast series. The first one has to do with your mindset. How you're talking to yourself about how you're talking to your prospects and your clients about this kind of market. The second part is how you're going to create more listings for yourself. And the third part is objection handling when you're going after those listings. The thing that you guys all live in fear of as well i would sell. But where am i going to move. So we're going to address how to actually deal with that objection remember. An objection is an unanswered question in the mind of your prospect. So i've had a lot of them. Say i'm not prospecting because i don't deal with another buyer which goes to the what i named this podcast series. Are you part of the inventory. Story is shortage. Become the cure if you're not reaching out and you're not creating inventory making it worse so here obviously we're no. The topic is not. Just explain to you why. There's a market shortage of inventory and which is important that you know. Explain to your perspective clients right so listen to get into a little bit of the details about that but also you need to understand again what you can be doing about it. So this is the practical tactical from several approaches. So get ready to take notes all right perfect so let's start with facts fact number. One inventory of available homes for sale is indeed at an all time low year over year. Active listings have decreased twenty to forty percent depending on your city and remember. We were already kind of low on inventory before that happened. Number two there is very little cause to believe that this will change anytime soon. I'm tired of hearing agents say well. We'll just wait until there's more inventory right and there's a lot of hype stern that it basically come online especially this year trying to convince agents that there's some sort of looming housing crash. There might be losing a looming housing crash like twenty years from now but there sure as heck is one for the next three to five years again as we're going through these points if you want to argue these points in your head or with other real estate prognosticators you can go right ahead but at least keep this information mind because ultimately what it's going to do is give you the practical tactical approach to being of service to others and make money no matter what direction. The market's going. So why is the market. Why is there such a massive shortage of inventory number one. Julie yes and these are points for you to understand but also keep these handy because you are having buyers ask you. Why shouldn't i wait. Okay so why. Is this not going to change anytime soon. Number one demographic demand we've talked about that on previous podcast the sheer number of people who want to buy houses now. Now let's ex. Let's explain to them with that. Means we can't assume they know so. Essentially you have an absolute enormous number of people in all different ages that are essentially going to be in the housing market With lots of motivation and That's we'll just go up from the bottom. You have the app generation z. They're just starting to go into the family formation or you know buying their first home face then you have the millennials. The millennials are. There's more millennials than there are baby boomers which a lot of people don't understand in the leno's are all in that buying your first or even second house face. Some of them are in their mid to late thirties. Now and so. They've moved up.

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