A highlight from You're Wrong! Not this time! - Debunking trek's false facts


Welcome to the omega particle. I'm your very vaccinated and humbled hosts john. And i just wanted to thank you for tuning in as we stream across the alpha quadrant. I am the doctor to lithium. The anchorman of the federation with talent on loan from god. We have another exciting episode. Bring you today and boy. it's a big one. We're talking about the fake news of star trek things. We've always believed to be true. Which are actually false and so that fake news is a better headline for title than that. Big long explanation. So thank you for tuning in and before again. Today's episode. i want to remind everybody about the big pancake event coming. May i and i think that's about four weeks ago away. We're in the beginning of april here in podcast land. but it's a live event with l. a. purple strides. Now you're like john. Why are you talking about pancreatic cancer on a star trek podcast. That's because there is a virtual event you know because worldwide pandemic but it has jonathan bracks. Who plays of course commander reicher and arman timmerman. Which of course quirk and Kitty swing swing swing swank. Who plays a lot of different characters across the spectrum tracking known for her. Ds nine work as Two so please go to pancake dot org puts out there. Let's try to get that survival right up to ten percent now. This is a cause close to my heart because my mother passed away when i was twelve years old to this monstrous cancer At that time about two thousand one two thousand to the survival rate was like two percent. Now it's getting close to ten percent so we're getting there and it's one of those great causes you guys can give because before it's been a death sentence and now it's you can move up the survival rate a little bit and fight this thing. Thank you so much for that quick plug. So let's move right into. Are we ready right

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