A highlight from UFC 42069: Big Monke vs Nuclear Lizard

GG Over EZ


Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to ggv over easy episode. Seventy nine more. Yeah that's like we talked about a hundred feet and we're close to a hundred than we ever have been every week. We we grow closer to episode one hundred and closer to dine coincidence. I think not added. That is crazy. Yeah is like oxygen. Are we just really actually allergic to oxygen. Just takes us. You know that roughly eight years. Whatever to kill us. Yeah i had. I had a maybe not thinking about it so my desk. I don't know about you guys. I like the clean desk area but it and if my desk gary isn't clean i freak out or i get stressed like it. Stresses me out. The john tortorella last night. Yeah yeah so. I had on Like which basically is if you if you stream Is totally original idea. No one has ever done it. I up with it. Nobody has ever done woodwork copied from his funny betty. Message means like. Did you know ludwig was doing a thing. The same time you were and i was like benny. That's crazy to me as i bent. He's been doing it for like ten days. You've seen them. Did you see the video. I put in with the money's three hundred. I've made three thousand dollars per is like is like five hundred. Seventy eight thousand dollars total like taxes or twitch one hundred seventy eight thousand taxes and all that was like three hundred thousand and then mods was eighty thousand or fifty thousand and then charity native thousand and then he was like three thousand dollars. So i was doing the subah thon and i was like. I'm going to drink a lotta water. So i go upstairs and grab a mason jar k. Ooh aesthetically pleasing right so both. Oh okay yes so okay. I took one of it correct. So this was like full k now. Looks like a normal jar correct from where you are at you. are you know. Oh i wanted to grab a mason jar. Be little artsy while adrift by water upstream. A little did. I know if you get a little closer to the rim of it. There is paint from sydney's a painting excursion that she had been doing so is like coated dog in like paint. Like look like it is gross. So i i literally drank. Felt like this weird. Like must've i off on stream but like it was weird. My mouth who've at like numb i i felt like i had paint poisoning or i don't know if it was toxic or if i drink a lot of it i remember putting it down and good taste of be more talks with me. Come on dude. Elmer's is good. Come see the gorilla glue girl. Yeah we briefly talked by but yeah where she like it we Yeah we're her head. Wishes I wonder how she's doing. I want i know she Ellie is pregnant with her. Six kids something. Wild blue sticks wasn't the update. I was expecting. But that's been no no ma'am it's like. It was on twitter. Get my news from like the end of coach carter. It's like gorilla. Glue girl went on to capture. John lewis her six trod came out with gorilla. glue hair imagined. I couldn't go. Bald is like you know i've noticed is looking at it. It's like a pretty much done. The same hair style more or less since i started youtube boat. I've realized his this part has slowly got so. I feel like like with here dude. It's just like this kind of stays the same this little aggressive nintendo sixty four hairstyle. I got going. But which is. It's the switches that keep going back. Go on the longest in the end. Sixty four you've ever seen just law. It's bad i got this going in kind of thinning

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