A highlight from Back to Normal #447

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Everyone welcome to the show. My name is todd cochran christian joined by my co host. Mr arrived greenlee rob. How you doing doing terrific todd and you sound fresh fresh in you. Sound much much much better. I don't know what you did. A whole new computer setup. here. I'm not even on a surface anymore so well it that shouldn't affect your audio flow that you sound better. Something has definitely improved. Yeah yeah but you know one thing That we've learned is it is a pain in the butt to do clubhouse correctly in not causing chaos show and she kinda backed off on that for this week. So if you're listening just not connected at this point and we're just kind of reevaluated. That felt like we were kind of getting away from a little. Bit of the core of what is why. Todd i do the show every week. I mean to some degree. It's great to have outside voices and have questions and stuff but it it does get in the way of just you and i- todd yeah in you know. The last show was absolute rack. I had bandwidth issues and matter of fact there's a new router coming. I just i'm determined. At least i think that my less than one year old net year router is the issue wits. It's been dropping out it. Slows down resetted locks up. So there's a new router coming. Today were are up and running just fine which is a miracle of but had a long discussion with the cable company and they did find some provisioning issues again with my modem so hopefully we won't drop speed and then what i'm ultimately going to do here. Rob is something. I to experiment Connectivity wise currently and he gets he as don't care about this trade casters Plug into a Professional switch it's one gig it's managed. It's you know it's really as whopper of a of a switch and then that's which is connected into the router All kinds of speed tests. I think five hundred speed tests later there is definitely some loss from the trike caster to this to the to the modem so i the new modem has are. The new router has eight ports. I'm going to run a direct line from the caster to the. Oh so then. I can set quality service on that port. Make sure the castor always has the highest priority on at i don't know if it's gonna help or not but it's we definitely had in the screamers going down going up. I was completely. I'm going to be honest with you i. I didn't publish the last episode. If you didn't know no period at all you didn't know. I didn't publish it all so i i think we will leave that one to the archive without archived so So yes we're here any. No here's something we can do. And it just is a an aside is we can do clubhouse but not have people come up. We can just talk to them. And i know that doesn't fit well in the cub loss model but if we want to use clubhouse in and slowly re integrated we should have as a situation where we talked to everybody and they don't talk to us or or maybe we schedule. He has scheduled. Something's right and the through it because you are having to ride the levels. And i actually think you were writing the usb levels other day not the phone levels so on the On your road caster. 'cause i got some comments that when you return in the clubhouse down that my vine was going down from nine clubhouse but so maybe what we what we should do then is in. Maybe you weren't on the right writer. It was maybe the output volume of the phone right. I'm amy maybe yeah so any spend as simple as that so anyway doing clubhouse well and trying to do everything out swell complicated. Yeah and i. I was really wednesday is i. I left the show saying frankly. I said fuck it. We're not going to do. And what was my response. So we'll we'll play around with it but you know it's it's it's an experiment. I think the experiment went sideways. We heard from all of you a little bit complaining a little. so here we are and The

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