A highlight from 248. Romany Women with Alison Spittle and guests Lolo Jones, Lisa Smith and Riah Knight


I'm a feminist. I don't want to get married. But i do want to be a figuring on a cake and i don't know how can make that happen without getting married. Okay i feel. I'm going to make it happen for you. Do you have a birthday coming up. Idea idea into in james figurine for me. I know i'm so excited. That's i'm busy. Ask about june okay. What data and junius route twas now at eight. It's unfortunately it's the fourteenth pitching now about six years ago very proud of that day. Same birthday steffi graf but now at trump i always had a birthday but never knew when his birthday was but his birthday is the fourteenth june. Shit you've got k line has to both days. I believe allison spittle. You are queen in many ways you can have a second birthday and is say that birthday should be the twenty second of june perfect perfect will write that down so twenty second of june. I feel like we'll be allowed to be together. Yes so i'm going to get you. A cake is at any kind of significant birthday. No unfortunately housing matter does about it is significant. Because you're allowed to be in a room with other people. Yeah i'm also going to pretend it was the birthday from two years ago because car last count. We're in lockdown obsolete birthday. Just about doesn't count. So i'm going to get a cake. And i'm gonna put you on the top. Do you want anyone with you on the top. Now just put me in. A nice dress came in and i stress and a packet of cuevas. It's going to be it's going to be you between steffi. Graf donald trump. I don't believe his birthday is leave his birthday on the four to june. Twenty second for me. yeah. I'm gonna make that happen. I'll put a note in the. I'm a feminist part on a recent guilt famous episode. I complained that a listener had tweeted that. If they were going to get out the old laminated card and Dabble outside their marriage with a specific lay specifically with a guilty feminist crash. They wouldn't be able to decide whether to go for grace. Patriot or thomson linski. Can you imagine. How did i was not even to be in the mix e freely setting so i complained about this on the podcast saying that you know obviously i would be beginning legal proceedings and the poor person who tweeted. It was like no no. No it's just that. I'm very similar and that and blah blah when i just respect e. Too much to fantasize about you that deborah. This is my problem all the time. Respect me too much fantasize about me and it's a real. It's a terrible problem. That is literally one of my friends. Said they respect you too much. And i was like wow. That's hot respect to so hot though we didn't know it is but it also. Yeah i'd love to see people magazine like top one hundred most respected people at least fancied because most respected. I would definitely make that list. And then so. I am delighted to say that. Several people on twitter have Pop their head above the parapet and come right out with it and said that i would be the top celebrity guilty feminists crush the laminated carter friends. And not. they mean they didn't specifically say they want interested in thompson. It's kim grace patriot. But that's how i read it. They claimed they claimed crush monogamy. You and you alone. They basically said yeah that you'll you'll the one and made a hook up with some good old fashioned objectification which. I really need in lockdown. Because i starting to feel visible. I'm not gonna lie deborah. i'm misunder like one of my. I'm a feminist books right was. I'm a feminist book. I'm finding it hard to write. I am a feminist books. Because i've been high so long. And i don't get caught cold into highest then then i was writing my jokes and i was my boyfriend pass by and he said what you have to and assembled. I'm writing. I'm a feminist butts. And he said i love your feminist book and baby objectify in me. Dot is nice not riot. Do you have an. I'm a feminist bond. I'm a feminist. But i'm also a hopeless. Romantic can only really write love songs. I love feminism is allowed to be romantic bonds. I would suggest you just try your hand at one angry. Political rant get out. I always feel like i need to do lacquer feminist power song the next one. It's on the it's on the next album. I grace patriot. you're listening. i'm so sorry. I am telling riots roy on your turf right on your info cookie protesting tough. I can hear grace grace patriots. A feminist can hear her saying. Tell her to stick to romance. She just told you that's what she does. Why are you getting to know. She would never say that she would say we need more people. Protesting more feminism. She would say. I'm a feminist. But last week i got to leave the house to do a photo shoot for work and in the middle of it. I just stopped the whole thing and win. I'm just so excited to be touched. Because the hair makeup people were like when they come up to between photos. And they sort of dab you instead of a put things back in place and tease your hair. And i just suddenly realized i'd missed being touched so march but it was just incredible to be pretty. I was in a low place. And i came back feeling radiant and touched but also my line was some point and you know what i didn't. I'm a feminist. Didn't wash my face all weekend. Because i kept the makeup on hours. You put on those little eyelashes on you when you little separate single false eyelashes on wore off little by little. But there

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