Supreme Court Sides With Google in Copyright Fight With Oracle

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The supreme court has sided with google a multibillion dollar copyright battle with oracle throwing out a lower court ruling. The case revolves around google's use of the popular programming language java to build its operating system oracle acquired the language in two thousand ten and alleged that google's actions amounted to an infringement of oracle's copyright by the supreme court said today that google's use of some java code fell under fair use the decade-old case is drawing attention from companies that rely heavily on copyright. Protection's here's our legal affairs reporter brent kendall with more if you're copyright owner. You're not terribly happy with today's decision. I mean even outside of software. The movie industry the music industry publishing industry. Everybody that has copyrights and depends on the strong value of their copyright supported oracle in this case because they all want rules they give copyright is a value as possible and the other side all the people that want do build on programs other software developers. I mean even microsoft Internet companies that create apps and platforms. That are interoperable and and build off other programs. They all supported google in this case so there are going to be a lot happier with the outcome today.

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