A highlight from 346: Float It Like a Hologram



Kingdom and pdf pen from small. My name is mike. Kelly and i'm joined by just now. Hello jason snow. Hello mike early are you. I'm very well my friend. How are you finding dante fine and dandy your own secret assignment this week. But john mentioned because otherwise people lost quite. Jason sounds different which happens every time. I mini slightly different place with a slightly different microphone. Yes i have a hashtag. Snell talk question for you from john and joan jason. Did you ever ever conversation with steve jobs. If so was there anything specific that you took from this experience I talked to him once for on the phone as an interview for the twentieth anniversary of the mac and what i took away from it. Is that steve. Jobs doesn't want to be interviewed. Okay somebody in. And he didn't want to be there and he was on the phone with me for less than five minutes. I would say and yeah it was we. We spent months trying to get apple to agree to do an interview with steve for the twentieth anniversary. And we were. We had to have all sorts of conditions about. Steve doesn't wanna look back. Steve does talk about the past. Steve can't talk about the future. And we're like what is left to talk about and the answer was a very short interview. We ran almost every word he said in the on the interview in the magazine because he said so little that we had to make the most of it and when the conversation was over i felt. Kinda like i'd been hit by a truck was like what just happened but That was it. So yes. I got the distinct sense that he didn't wanna be there. Somebody talked him into it. May be katie. Cotton that it was worth doing and he wasn't interested in talking about the past and he wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. There's something kind of funny about like. Okay steve's gonna join you for this interview which is an anniversary celebration of the mac. He won't talk about anything that happened before today. Yeah that was very difficult to have a conversation about the twentieth anniversary of the mac when one of the ground rules is. Don't talk about the past that some kind of fight club joke reference to be made in there right. I think when they were wearing him down to do it he said okay. I'll do it. But i don't want to talk about the past and they're like all right great. He said he'd do it. That's the win. They were looking for really. It's not their problem anymore. You have to come up with. I found that the whole thing was an unpleasant experience. He didn't wanna be there. I kind of didn't wanna be there. Either we made the best of it was brief and then And that was it and then beyond that. My only interactions with him was asked me a couple of questions at back when they did press conferences at media events which did happen occasionally but those are not quite the same right. Just shot a direct on one jason. Yeah situation it was. I mean obviously it was being monitored by all of his his minders who you know who called afterward right like they were clearly listening to the whole thing

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