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Creative excellence without the grind all right. Let's get to this week's interview. Which i am super super excited about i am talking with. Julian williams a graphic designer and art director in the netherlands in amsterdam. Let's start the show all right so tell us who you are and what you do high drouin williams and i am a graphic designer and art director based in amsterdam. Nice before we get more into what you do and your background and everything tell me. How are you feeling right now. I know it's late for folks that are listening. We're recording this. It's five pm ish my time but it's several hours ahead where julie i'm feeling wonderful We found a lot of sunny weather here in the netherlands after the canals froze over about two or three weeks ago. And i think that's been keeping my mood very very high and been having some good work lately too. So i'm feeling quite happy and quite content. Nice is the year going so far for you. It's been great. Actually i think now that kind of like in the netherlands. We've been in our own walk down and we also have had for the majority of this year. Twenty twenty one a curfew. But i think we've all kind of acclimated to that and are just kind of used to it like. We can't go out past a certain time. I'm just like i'll get some projects done at home. I've been playing guitar lot and writing some music when i'm not designing working for clients or doing some personal work so yeah i'm doing pretty good. I think the years been going great so far. Okay what would you say like. The general feeling is like in the city another. It might be a little difficult to gauge. It's it's interesting here. I mean. I'm an ob saddam which some people really like look towards. I think when they think of the netherlands and there's a lot of controversy going on right now with a pandemic there have been a lot of protests centered in abstract of people who don't agree with lockdown measures and it is creating quite a bit of tension there's even been small instances of violence around the country based around lockdowns and stuff so i think things feel a little tense and also people have kind of been doing what they want for a while and not being as careful i think as other european countries like it took us longer to have a mask mandate than a lot of other country so yeah i think there's a little bit of tension and the air but mainly people are just kind of like sticking to themselves and going about their days yeah interesting i figured america would have a monopoly on people acted up in public around. Actually i was. I was like a man at the beginning of the pandemic. i'm in europe. We have everything together. We gotta going and lately in the last few months like the netherlands has also not been doing so great with their vaccine rollout. And i've been talking to friends in the us who have gotten their shots and stuff already on like. Oh my gosh it's gonna be like august or something. By the time. I get vaccine. I feel like it might be that way here as well. I mean i'm in georgia. Which is i think as of our recording the state. That is the worst in terms of if it's not the worst. It's one of the worst. It's like circling the bottom. Like forty nine or fifty something like that. So we're not doing so great either but i can wait really. I was concerned about whether or not my folks got the shots and my grandparents got the shots which they did. So i'm like i can wait. I work from home. I've already had to do this for a year. I have to mike. I'm very fortunate with the kind of work that i have as well so i'm quite good being at home a lot of the stuff that i'd like to do like i can enjoy in my living room so yeah nice talk to me about what kind of projects are working on now. Right now is quite interesting. Because so i have entered into the world of freelancing which is not something that i've been crazy used to before but it's something i'm loving a lot right now and i'm am actually working with a company called meow wolf

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