Lincoln Riley talks Philadelphia Eagles' Jalen Hurts


Lincoln riley who's coach oklahoma. Who also coached jalen hurts. He was on our show last week. And he said this about jalen hurts now. Taking over in philly donald. He's really really excited for the album. It's not that he would ever say that. I mean he's pretty low key guy. But i know he's putting in a tunnel or behind the scenes and you know he's a guy that believes he's ready for this. I mean no question about it. I mean he. He believes that this is a tremendous opportunity. And nobody's gonna work the kid. That's that's not gonna happen when you're when you're the quarterback there's a there's a difference between kind of hoping you're going to be the guy and then knowing and feeling you're the guy and the cat had confidence that brings along to make can be a game changer. I think it'll be a big deal for jalen. It's you'd certainly for the eagles well to make sure that he is the guy and they'll find out this year you

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