The Passive Aggressive Partner


Have. People factor questioned today and carry and the topic is on passive aggressive partners. Most of us have experienced them at some point. That has no idea what you're talking about reality type in our lives in some way or another and our audience members are trying to figure out one. How do you recognize it and then to cope with it. In a way that is mature and loving and has less carnage and more efficiency and efficacy for that matter like we just want to figure out how. How can you navigate it in a healthy fashion. And how would you know when you're really kind of up against it. Do you have any clues or cues for our audience. Douglas yeah so how do you recognize that behavior. Well here's an example of that behavior. That i think will be familiar to our audience so so your partner is behaving in a manner. That's different than they normally behave. They are unusually quiet unusually abrupt. It can be either one. They've departed from their normal behavior. And you being a sensitive caring partner. Say what's wrong and you get your head handed or you get ice down. Get nothing nothing. Nothing's wrong there's the ice there's passive aggressive behavior folks and so i'm going to turn to you. Obviously 'cause i'm looking for here for more of the sort of clinical background. Why this why we as human beings adopt this behavior.

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