Change your Alexa Timers

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As i'm sure you know. Many people use their lexi devices to set timers. And have you ever had this happened you a time when you realize it was the wrong time or you realize you needed more time and then you think okay now. I have to cancel that timer. And instead a new timer. Well there's an easier way of doing that and it's just by saying add or subtract time so for example. Let's say you set a timer for your pasta and you say set a timer for seven minutes and you realize no actually. I wanted to be nine minutes. Rather than deleting it and setting a new time or you just say lexi add two minutes to my past a timer and boom. It's done you can also do the opposite. You can say lexi subtract. Two minutes from my passa- timer but then you're pass is going to be well. Maybe like your pasta. Underdone it indicates you get the idea you can add and subtract time from your timers and hopefully that's a little tip that will keep things a little bit easier for you to manage your

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