John Boehner's Memoir: An Insightful Vulgarity-Filled Political Perspective


John boehner of ohio would like to know that many years in congress and five years as speaker of the house did not change him at all. I listen. I'm just remainder guy who used to have a big job and i've actually One of my Accomplishments was walking out of congress after twenty five years pretty much being the same jackass that walked in more bainer. Says he just tried to be himself. The cover of on the house shows him sitting in what looks like a bar holding a glass of red wine. He is the son of a cincinnati bar owner. He never minded having a glass and disregarded a house ban on smoking. He writes like a guy chatting in a bar and talks of his experience including his experience with fellow. Republicans using so much vulgarity. That it would be hard for him to do a reading here on the radio. All of which leaves a question. How did this mainstream midwestern republican and up so distant from the party quite recently lead. Do you really think that if you were running for office today in the republican party you couldn't get elected. Oh i haven't got a pretty tough time. Like i said i'm a conservative republican. But i'm not crazy. Beaner was elected to the house in one thousand. Nine hundred ninety. He became speaker in two thousand ten as republicans captured the house. With the help of tea party activists opposed to barack obama. The first black president bainer lead their efforts to derail obama's spending proposals. But in retrospect he says many of his colleagues didn't care about spending or government debt. They just cared about creating quote chaos on. The house is a story of a leader trying to stay in front of his followers.

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