A highlight from Khraniteli (Soviet TV version of The Lord of the Rings)


Hi my name's and this is the reuss falls unite podcast where we watch russian films and films with a russian connection. This is a special episode of the podcast about a special special movie. High guest. high has been a Identify yourself yeah. So previous listeners will know you but to those just joining us for this various special occasion so special My name is kerry pets. I m alleys wife. Okay as there anything else we should know. That is a related to this episode. I absolutely love lord of the rings. Like i'm just finishing up. Rereading the return of the king or rent all three of them. I don't know how many times i've read those books. I really really loved them I also elian. I also met what we were living in russia. Cool thank you. Carry so in. A display of oughta auto professionalism. We haven't even said what the special special thing is that we're talking about. Probably guest from that. Intro will watching the recently resurfaced. I think nineteen ninety leningrad's tv adaptation off the first book the fellowship of the ring. Yep i told him yes yeah This is kind of being alive of the news and we figured we should probably cover it. Because this as as you said carry this being a ton of passing Baggins baggins wagons bandwagon upon which we can jump of a facial expression you're giving so we did it. We watch old two hours of well. How would you describe this. Carry two hours of my life. I never to get back to the the sound is really bad for starters so it's difficult to even hear it let alone understand it. Because it's that garbled so we had to turn the subtitles on and at one point well at a lot of points. The subtitles couldn't get what was going on. Oh so at the bottom. The subtitles just said zack. Chin anza chin translates to y. As in like for what purpose and really that kind of sums up the whole movie and how bad it was just why like there was nothing about this. That was good quality chip that. Why would you slaughter this in such a terrible manner. Yeah i mean. I feel like in a way. This was like the most extremely misguided labor of love of uva. It was like they really wanted to do this. The they really really really really did not have the resources and therefore shouldn't have is like they had the resources of like a high school play and they were trying to put on a fantasy novel an epic fantasy novel. Movie like the epic fantasy novel. It fails utterly. They don't have the budget. They didn't have the screenwriting talent. The camera Camera movements of filming quality the town behind that was roughly equivalent to mind if the reports that were out focus. There were things where you could tell. They were trying to follow something. I don't know say a torch and they weren't able to One of the swords we think was made out of aluminum foil speaking speaking of flames. That was that was definitely like a signature. A signature style. That kept the camera had lek if that was a onscreen nine times out ten. If the scene was finishing or they were like cutting to a different character would like zoom hawed in on the capital and then sometimes the next would start with the hard zoom on the candle and then come back out. Yeah so it's like your average work. Experience student probably could have done a better job at the cabinet

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