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Members of Congress want the 9 11 National Memorial Trail to get a federal designation but trail wine through six states linking the memorials at Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon. The 1300, mile biking and hiking trail passes through some of the most beautiful and Historic parts of the country. Organizers hope President Biden will sign the bill into law by September 11th this year. Christopher Cruz w T. O P News West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin hopes to usher in a new era of bipartisanship. But he also threw a major wrench into the possible passage of president binds agenda by saying he will not support changes to filibuster rules. Those changes would allow Democrats to pass more legislation without getting to 60 votes. Can wash White House and political analyst for U. S News and World Report joined our John Aaron to discuss it. President Biden will be able to gain bipartisan support to change the filibuster rules. I really don't see much chance of it it all. Of course, the Senate is really where the crunches That house is controlled by Democrats by a close margin, but they still control it and send its 50 50 split with the vice president breaking ties. So every Senate Democratic vote is vital, and that's where Senator Manchin comes in from a conservative state, West Virginia, he is indicated he's going to be quite independent of what Biden is suggesting. It's the same dynamic or at least a similar one for Senator Kirsten Cinema from Arizona, who's also from a swing state of relatively conservative state. So what I'm getting at here is that the Democrats need the President Biden needs really totally unity. Among Democrats in the Senate at that looks very doubtful. The Republicans are really in lock step in opposition, so getting bipartisan approach is going to be very difficult for President Biden. President Biden's also ordered a study on overhauling the Supreme Court. Seems like this is kind of upsetting people on both ends of the spectrum. People who want to see changes. Think of it is just political cover people who are afraid of Biden packing the court. See this is something ominous. What's your take on it? Yes, well. He's appointed a commission to study the Supreme Court, either. The question of whether they should be justice is added to the court. Whether there should be no longer life terms. In other words, they should have term limits. And so this is going to be studied by the commission and is about 180 Day time frame on it, but it's not required to come up with recommendations. So it looks to me like it is more cover than anything short of a placeholder to keep the issue alive. And so Biden can figure out how he could deal with this Supreme Court, which does have a very strong conservative majority. So I think the commission is really a less there than what might Seem because it doesn't have a requirement to recommend anything. So it's going to study things. You're gonna have a lot of thunder and debate an argument. But that's really where we are now, so I don't think that's going to change. So I think the prospects of changing the court given the divisions in the Congress very difficult to see happening. Get you caught up on the Masters just ahead of sports. That was Ken Walsh, White House and political analyst for U. S News and World

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