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Introduce yourself i'm shane. I max and we are almost a month later but we missed the two week mirth a man we said yes. Yeah so you know. They're gonna come when they come about that. When we feel like got the podcast will do a goddamn podcast through it when we damn well please. Yes and we're not going to buying into whatever you guys fucking think. Yeah all twelve of us. Well review twelve man. We're getting begging big big. We've made a hole in a year of doing podcasts. We made a whole two dollars. Seventy five cents of fudge. Yeah it's enough for a cup of coffee that is that's a coffee. He's medium coffee. Or if you go to mcdonald's everyone everything's buck. Yeah mcdonalds you gotta get you get any sense. Have you ever had that. Mcdonald's coffee best the worst thing. I've ever drinking you're wrong. It's not good but it's totally like dribble. Put a little bit of sugar in their well. Yeah sugar in any kind of coffee kind of takes. The azoff takes any cata- coffee like my coffee. Right now that we're drinking put plug www dot migrated coffee dot com. It's yummy yummy. Need need for sugar. No need for cream and it tastes fucking good. You know either organic beans. But i can't say. I can't tell them at the beginning. Why is that. Because you need a fucking thing that says you're a thing that says your fda certified or not fda but it's like a little thing that you got a little card thing that you could put on your back the stamp it stand much. That stamp cost too fucking much. Fifteen hundred bucks for batman. Yeah so just. I can tell you in the people listening to twelve people that are just right organically grown and i think i think that's good enough right. So yeah there's a plug coffee. If you're listening to this quote have this out on monday. The coffee is live on her website. Now go buy some by coffee game. You'll be a happy person you did. Yeah i'm bob i'm getting Akin pretty happy right now. We're happier more happiness more happy. Oh who fucking cares. This got kick. Let's he's got a kick for sure so there's that going on what else is going on. What's going on with max. Oh man on the garden. The garden mcknight's yard nights water. Put up there in the middle right around. He gets into fucking magazine kettani and he just shoots like yes sure. Let me just plum a waterfall for my front yard. Yes could you imagine that you coming over it and you just wanna fuck lab and you have that little waterfall there. You're going to be with these little kids and you just turn it on is coming up the oh that's easy enough to do. All i gotta do is trick or treating is gonna come back this year and it was so nice that it didn't happen. I'm becoming up from what the much curmudgeon. think of. Like a fancy word for fucking mesa later. No it's like a grumpy old man. Oh giger fall off my law like if somebody throws it poop bag at your door and you go out there and you're like you're like honey through another bank through bag on fire at the door and she goes she's well don't stop with your foot in your like. Don't tell me what to do to stop it out with your finger like eight pool and then and then mcdonald's like you would if you know that movie quote a fuck if you don't you're missing out unwanted degrees But what was called the ship golden. She'd oh funding woven. People are like what the fuck is going on. I don't see that movie at least ten years. I just watched it the other day and there was a point in time where i lived with somebody. We lived in the studio. Not somebody like a significant other. I had a roommate. I lived in a studio permanent. And i had a roommate that lived in the closet of the studio apartment because he was big enough tour bedroom living room and we had like three movies would watch had billy madison and we had which pulp fiction and we had office space and to this day. Quote all three of those movies like that. Yeah i mean it just came on. It was on. Tv the other night on tv. The other night was like he called shit poop like when when the line came and fit like Yeah so it's it's one of those movies like every time it's on i gotta watch it. It's an arbitrators the same way spaces great Like i bet they come down you know. Wow it's your date. Really michael poll tin and then and then pulp fiction. Which is a lot of people have brought up opinions tarantino and say i. I enjoy his movies but he's a really good. Truly good is called no pushy. Once upon a time in hollywood was really fucking good. You got to see that. It has leonardo and brad pitt or am it's around charles manson. It was fucking good. It's like it was done like classic quinton term. You know what i mean like. If it's done in that classic win tarantino seventies ish style all. I'll have to check it out because you know he's for like twenty years just put out like really high quality and you made another good movie. I'll watch it. I mean i was surprised by the western. And i can't remember the name of our He's fully he. Yeah that was actually pretty good. It was a lot of fun. It's just based on the magnificent seven. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah but that was that was that was actually a an enjoyable to wash. You know what movie against thinking of the magnificent seven. Yeah i never saw the yeah. I watched that he. I'm anne mcqueen tarantino. I like a lot of his movies. They can be like shit. And i'd be like that is a good fucking winter me metoo. I enjoyed the shit out of it. But like when i'm looking at it. Objectively hoping fiction is the only one that he actually. This is a truly good for. Yeah yeah it's a really good. Miguel away through a kill bill or django unchained or inglorious bastards. I'm like oh that's fun put. It's not good.

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