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Is the high approaches. 70 force more showers and thunderstorms lingering into the evening overnight. The little drop down to 55 cooler weather for the start of the week on Monday tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy day, with a few showers popping up during the afternoon hours behind, headed to 62, with winds out of the northeast and overcast conditions going ahead to Tuesday. Be a little bit warmer with an afternoon high topping out in the mid sixties. I'm Jeff Mar from the weather Channel for talk radio. 6 80 WCBS, Are you struggling? You want to get out of poverty? Got an idea. Get married. We'll talk about it Monday morning starting at nine o'clock and the personal you show talk radio 6 80 wcbm. Do you have a loved one who was about to enter rehab or nursing home? Is the facility, telling you to sell your loved ones home and

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