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The people that basically made it and lost it made in law suit made in the lawsuit and Warren Buffett said, I celebrate Warren Buffett said, I celebrate the you know, the man or the woman the Arctic preneur who made it never lost it right. So why is it that some of us think that we have to basically make it and lose it the answer is we don't we subconsciously create that dog. Audi for ourselves, cuz it's only when we're in the destructive and reconstruction mode that we actually start doing we don't want to do and we don't want to do it the highest level and we and because it's an on-off switch and because you have them in your valleys Peaks and valleys in your fans as in other aspects of your life. You actually never get off the ground right you go from you know from nothing to something nothing something to nothing and back and forth back and forth you end up where you started and that's because you're waiting for some external thing the doctor to say we have to cut off one of your digits. If you actually lose the weight, hopefully everyone understands them. So the the point of that point back to stop having to have that and simply get the work done and not have all these rules that you know, as long as I've got, you know, sixty days saved. I'll be okay. Somebody will come together. Well it goes well, it's a come home obviously, but the bottom line is do what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it the highest level and they're giving yourself the option not to write and start and just do it every single day. And again, I don't want to walk on future points, but let's move on to the next one month. Right. So mrs. Harris. You can read number to my number two, they don't fall in love with their own ideas. They aren't thinking of their businesses as creative Outlets or an extension of their egos desire for recognition performers follow the money. They gauged the success of an idea or concept based on net profit to be the determinant of the value of their idea. That's an interesting thought, isn't it? Yeah. Well, you're welcome home. And so but that is really the bottom line because what'll happen a lot of times. I see this with coaching clients, right? So especially this new generation of people that are getting the real estate business who have professional backgrounds. They're not getting into real estate because they want to build a brand and build a logo when they want to be at their Town Halls YouTube mayor and all these other gimmicky creative Outlet goofball ideas. What they want to do is they want to be told exactly what to do how to do it so they can essentially create enough jobs or create enough income so that with that income then they can create passive income. They can be rich they're very very clear in their ideas. Now, they're all verbalize it like that, but they're on a mission to create Financial abundance for themselves. They're not on page. And basically to have a bunch of recognition from a bunch of strangers and I'll I will suggest to all of you. What was your original motivation for getting into real estate and who co-opted that motivation home made what now is your motivation which is an alignment with what they truly want for themselves. In other words. How many of you got into real estate when you had clear a Clear Vision and focus of what you were going to accomplish as a result of being successful in real estate wage and along the line someone told you hey, Julie you need a form of Team. Hey Julie needed by leads. Hey, Jilly, you need to work on your brand. You're not posting enough content every day. Yeah, you need to be setting aside two hours a day to create a bunch of videos off. So did you stop and ask yourself why they were motivated to tell you to do all that stuff. Could it possibly be it's because they're trying to sell you something. Absolutely. That's what's going on and it is not an alignment with your true original Mission was which is if you really got cut to it your original Mission when you were in real estate is yes, you wanted to feel successful and all those things you wanted to help people you wanted to own your own business. All these things are true. But probably what you really truly wanted if you cut through all of it as you wanted to be free and the only way you really going to be free is to be financially free free is you know, basically rich is what your goal is probably is if you really were drilled down and cut through the layers and rich is simply where your money works for you and you no longer have to work for your money. Isn't that ultimately the the goal that you have for yourself when you love to make it so that when you wake up in the morning every single day you never actually have to think about money what's on the other side of that what's on the other side of that Financial abundance of that Financial Freedom? What could you do with your life? I mean the less your you'll come up with maybe some things to buy a first and maybe some trips to take and all those things are great. But really what you'll start doing when you have Financial abundance you never have to worry about money again is you're actually going to have a more intentional more purposeful. A mortgage is Tori life. You're going to actually make more of an impact on this planet because you're not sold your soul Focus, which is now to basically make sure you have enough money coming in to pay all your bills. You will now be able to be on something that's worth. Far more profound than your own immediate needs and that only comes from being financially free point number three money or the lack of it is a mirror to the value you create for others wage. They are not considered. Our top producers are successful types. They are not conflicted about money the dollars in your account. Otherwise known as your net worth are the same as votes. If you lose from not enough votes in election, you you you lose the race if the other guy has more votes or net profit, he has provided more value and he has one I think this is really critical because it's essentially the definition of money and people say well, you know, it's just a way of keeping track. Well, you know, it is a way of keeping track because you either provided the value and we're paid for it or you didn't and maybe got out of the business. Well. So, there it is. I mean, that's really and yeah, I think I wrote that pretty well so true. But the point of it is is if you

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