A highlight from EPISODE 109: Soft as Hell, Over Under & 29 percent


Thank you for tuning in and checking out this episode. A new channel sports podcasts. It is greatly appreciated on this episode. We're gonna talk about. Which team has the best chance of being. The brooklyn nets in the eastern conference also is a mark jackson. Overrated are underrated and draymond green says that young nba players assault as hell. Maybe you didn't cry to be. I maybe quietly sobbing quietly however he wants to frame it. He recruited kevin durant to a team. That won seventy two games because they lost. It does not the definition of soft. I don't know what is. Because even if he didn't recruit kevin durant if kevin durant said ham coming to The golden state warriors if. He was as hard as he say like now breath yes. Any two wins one minute away from winning an nba championship. Need you but he didn't do that. Those championships so i don't want to hear about salt into the new channels. Ports pate.

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