Surgical Site Infections in Developing Countries Can be Solved



Tell me about your project. How does it work. So our skin is naturally acidic having ph around five but when our rules are infected that ph increases to eight or higher for my project. I decided to create color changing sutures in order to make the change color. I had to find a natural indicator which is something that changes color when the ph changes. So i put to these principles of science together to create my color changing sutures and the national indicator i fouls surprisingly is beat will show you if the ph level is indicating infection after. You've had stitches after this is after surgery. Were talking about right. Yes so i would die this suture material in this beat die. That can that configuration. Did and i would let them dry. And then in order to test. Since i can't i can't test on humans I use the solutions that basically represent the different stages of healthy and infected so healthy was the ph of five and the nine is infected. So i would use the ph solutions to drops of liquid on the set of features that i created and i would watch the color. Change happens and i noticed that the color change would only happen with the ph of nine because beats only change color at eight or higher so when a person is finished with surgery and they're stitched up my stitches in this would only work for like superficial wounds also happened at the top of the skin. That area would start to change color because it picks up on that ph tracing the not. Let's everyone know that the wind was affected

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