Episode 27 - Stop Spilling The Tea... it's sin - burst 15


That stuff. But i'm like what do we get married. Did you get married. Sixteen my and graduate high school in twelve. Yeah you're weird. Yeah that's crazy married eight years before you graduated high school. We started dating in thirteen. I was married twenty years before i was born. And i've been married twelve years longer than me Now ninety six oh four your eight year. Yeah eight years ahead okay. I thought you meant for my wedding him. So eight years ahead of cheer survive big one so next has it happened or is happening december. Twenty eighth we got married. We got the tax credit for the entire year. We were only married. Three days of things you think about it as an adult. I know next year. My birthday's on a thursday morning. well thursday. Does that mean you're going to make me pancakes and twenty s here. He is he griddle hank. I'll do it. Twenty twenty two november third without in calendar. Right all right well with that. We're going to say goodbye till next time. We're not even sure we're talking about next time but we will see you guys. It'd be great. It's going to be awesome. Thanks for hanging with us him.

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