A highlight from BOX322: The Owls Are Not What They Seem


The box oddities homey other day. I'm coming up over the stairs. I can hear cat in the bedroom screaming at the top. Prefer long stop it. Don't cut that out. So i ran upstairs. I thought something horrible was happening to her. And she's got her head out the window yelling at squirrels on the bird feeder. But sometimes you've got to your a squirrel squirrel squirrel that's hard to say you're a squirrel. S- colder squirrels. Boulder did squeezy. Well here's the thing is. I put food out for the squirrels. And i asked them not to get on the bird feeder. Because i'm afraid they'll break it and so they have their own food. It's not like i'm like squirrels can't eat. Of course they can. of course i'll put stuff out for them and you've explained to them in great detail. Of what food is there. Yes and to stay away from the suid but no it's not the suet. It's the it's the regular old bird feeder the seed. Okay all right so what are what are your plans. What's your strategy at this point Well i thought about putting some sort of lubricant on the whole that they used to climb up to get to the bird feeder down something like that. But then i noticed that the greco's us that to hold on while they wait their turn and i don't want to come up there little clawed paws. So now it's a dilemma. I literally don't now. I was greatly relieved that that was all. You were screaming about them. That was weird. Also we got some really exciting news just the other day that the box of has been nominated for a webby award yes. It's like the best of the internet. And i don't understand it so we need your help if we're gonna do if we're going to represent ourselves in any way at all. Yeah if you could vote for us that would help us move forward in the standings and there is a link on our website. The box of oddities dot com. It just says web e-voting take a moment to do that. That would be outstanding you anyway. Welcome to the box of oddities. It's a thing that we do twice a week where we talk about weird things. Here's a weird thing. Now something is the first is actually the first line that i jotted down. Something weird happened but something weird did happen around eleven pm on a hot august night. Back in nineteen fifty five just outside hopkinsville kentucky. A local man burst into the police station. He was frantic. He was gasping. Any said we've been fighting them for nearly four hours and we need your help. Here's what happened. The guy's name was billy ray taylor. He lived in pennsylvania and he was visiting his friend. Elmer lucky sutton. Yes lucky sutton's farmhouse. Yes in the small town of kelly kentucky. I desperately want to have a saloon. That i call lucky sutton's farmhouse a great idea. I know lucky sutton's farm. How homer the big fat east role for those of you. Who live in florida. You'll find that hilarious. There was. I don't even know if they still exist. But when when i lived in florida there was a place called. Quincy's family restaurant. And their slogan was home of the big fat yeast role. I never thought that was such a good idea. Anyway this was in kelly kentucky it was just outside of hopkinsville. As i said the evening was was pretty warm so billy ray went out to the well to get some water. It was at this point. that Something caught his attention. He saw a flash in the corner of his eye and when he turned around he saw a streak going through the sky he said it was quote real bright kind of silver in color with an exhaustive all the colors of the rainbow. Oh that sounds beautiful so this obviously freaked him out cher he high tailed it back inside. lucky sutton's farmhouse to tell the others the sutton family and his wife that he thought he just saw flying saucer. Taylor said he could hear a hissing. Sound coming from somewhere behind the farmhouse as the vehicle appeared to be landing. Oh nobody took him seriously now. Know until the dogs started barking and they knew it. Well something is approaching the house. But maybe it's just an animal or something in their description to the police officers. They were able to describe what they saw in pretty vivid and terrifying details. They said that these creatures were approaching the house they had oversized hands. They had arms with talons that nearly reached the ground talents tones. And they said whatever these things were they they seemed to shimmer and glow in the moonlight. There is had kind of a yellowish tint to them and their bodies glinted like they were made of silver or some sort of metal. That sounds amazing. This is the look that i'm going for any time i go to a club really wanna glitter in shimmer. Yup with the yellow is now in the moonlight. Big cotton swab. So as they watch from inside the house creatures got closer and closer so sutton and taylor both grab guns and it was at this point that they looked back at the window and they saw one of the creatures pressing. Its face against it. That's when they started firing their weapons. According to their police testimony these aliens would approach the house slowly and then would retreat back into the woods and they did. This repeatedly would be the point of that reconnaissance. Obviously their case on the joint. So when taylor and sutton fired their guns at them not knowing what they are right call these creatures seems to be able to anticipate it and they would. According to their description they would flip up into the trees and avoid being shot at one point. Taylor went out to investigate further and He claimed to the shooting. Yes okay and he claimed that one these creatures reached down from the tree and grabbed him by the hair just snatched him up bald headed. So this fight if you want to call it. That went on for about four hours. Finally things seem to calm down and when that happened the entire group inside. Lucky sutton's farmhouse rushed to the car. They piled inside and they sped down to get help from the police so whether or not. The police believed that these were aliens from outer space is not really certain but what they were sure off was that this group seemed genuinely terrified beyond all means one of the men in the group they they took us pulse in his pulse was one hundred forty beats per minute. Oh that is a club song. One hundred and forty beats per minute. That is just a bout. It's a little faster than billie jean one. Twenty seven thirty. Beat per minute. If i recall going back to my dj club days. Can we please have a day where we talk more about that. Yeah you want like all of it. I've got a really cool picture of me. Harry the ladies so well they were all over me. But i was married man so anyway russell greenwell named with russell russell so russell greenwell chief of police. Along with three other officers officers went out to lucky farmhouse to investigate in their report. The police said they could not find any evidence of quote. Little silver men now in the kentucky new era which is a newspaper. The next day it was said nothing was uncovered during the investigation except for quote one officer who accidentally stepped on a cat's tail in the darkness. Besides that there was no further excitement. What are the officers for the police department. Who was not in the search party. A guy named sergeant frank dudas had had his own encounter the summer before

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