A highlight from Help, I Hate My Friend's Partner!

Girls Gotta Eat


What you can do is bring in a psychic reader earn or radar to tell your friend that they're bad for them. So i episode of girls. Got you bonus edition episode alone from our new studio. It is so beautiful. I know it's not done. It's like almost there so if we post the clip this week. You'll just noticed us on this pink couch with the bare wall. But we're in we're in we're gonna wallpaper we're gonna sign coming. It is so beautiful is so pink is so valerie it's on here. Raina hates to admit it says you hate it. No is nothing you can do about. Actually you're going to pay a little more. Because this is jim. But i just i love that. We have a workspace. I love it. We have this place to just pop in. its hours. it is. We have a thirty. We've made it fam- this episode before we tell you guys what it's about tell are we as let's just jump in some of our partners things or eight per sponsoring girls got eat. Eight is

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