A highlight from Tips About Nutrition For Losing Fat & The Biomarkers You Should Track With The Fat-Burning Man - 20 Minutes Fitness Episode #235

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You'll find his story and advice shares s inspiring as i have. Hey able welcome to the show. Thanks so much for having me. Yeah it's great to have you. And i i mean i. It's it's also on my side because you have like a successful podcast yourself and you've gone through your own transformation story but before going into that like can you give our listeners. A brief background about yourself. What does that do besides podcasting. Of course sure yeah Come from the middle of nowhere in new hampshire and i got sick young as an infant Me full of all sorts of drugs from western medicine and so i became allergic to every single one of them which yet put my mother in a precarious position who was a nurse at the time and she decided to go back to school. Learn how to use Herbs and in clinton cool medicine in western practice and and so long story short instead of going to western medicine for the majority of my life. I'd go to my mom. And she'd come back with these these tinctures in these bombs and t.'s and herbs and even food sometimes and so being type a. and wanting to be better than that at some point i got a good job after college to pay off my loans and for the first time in my life i actually had excellent health insurance and i really wanted to take advantage. I'm just like wait a second. I can go in every two weeks and look at the numbers from my blood and urine lists do it. That's the only problem was the after about eighteen months of doing that. You know trying to prevent a family history of high blood pressure high triglycerides thyroid problems and all of these other various things after about eighteen months following my doctor's advice i had gained about thirty pounds or about thirty pounds overweight. I developed most of the problems that we were trying to prevent including thyroid problems. High triglycerides and i was. I was basically trying harder than ever. I was still running twenty thirty miles a week. But i was eating lots of whole grains on purpose trying to eat low fat low cholesterol An end drink orange cheese for vitamins. And all of this other advice that was coming from not just the doctor but also running magazines and other things where i was kinda drinking the kool aid. So after hitting rock bottom hard Basically i lost everything in an apartment fire about twelve years ago now and and so all i had was was my body in the close the dow was wearing and i just looked. I had always been athletic. I loved playing sports all sorts of different kinds but mostly running and and i was like fat for the first time my life. I realized it though. That was the thing that really want. Certain a ha moment. Like i mean most of the time tonight that slow cre- bride like where you don't realize you're getting fat but then sunday this Moments and you know realize wow who am. I and i wasn't like that was the thing i wasn't more overweight. Looking side to side to like my co workers and other people who were my age pokes college a lot of people in their twenties. You know have twenty or thirty extra pounds by that's pretty normalized. But what i didn't realize is how. I don't wanna say easy but like how how simple. The process wasn't straightforward. The process was for reversing. That so once i realized that i've been following the wrong advice so hard but but how. How did you realize that you are following that. You know like the wrong advice. Because i mean it is quite mainstream. You know that that's happened advice and it's been around everywhere. It's not easy to realize okay. This is not working bright.

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