Why a Dystopian Future Is Not so Far Away

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Russia i've been spending a fair amount of time recently watching star trek deep space nine which i love because i think it spends more time on the kind of non human characters than the other series like in a recent episode. We learned that this kadarshian. Who'd garrick who lives on. The station has been lending capacity literature to the human dr. Julian share so that he can kind of learn more about that culture and we see him every one of these books except this book comes in the form of like a little like a little stick like the size of a pen kind of like a usb stick. Except i went and looked it up on. The usb stick wasn't invented until five years later that's so cool. It's funny because you've rented like this chicken or egg situation where like star trek has future stuff and then this happens but like also the people who make things like this also love star trek. So you start to wonder like did they wanna make this star trek thing real or iino was star trek just sort of like in that wavelength and ahead of its time in a very smart way. They've also got like what star trek communicators which are very much like cellphones right touchscreens. Where a big star trek thing they all have these like little tablets like way before the ipad came out right and siri. They talk to their computers. We talk back to them you know. Do you want to do something. Funny about the usb flash drives specifically hit me. Please say the their about who actually invented it. But the singaporean company that holds the patent for the thumb drive is cold trek two thousand international bats. Incredible it's funny to remember that cutting edge tech companies are also like run by huge dorks. Who loved the stuff i do. And sometimes that's uncomfortable when you have like surveillance companies named after pailin tier which is the lord of the rings thing all gross.

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