Episode 253 | Storytelling: It's a Small World - burst 14


A child to go on. It's a small world at the world's fair and so there was a lot of bang for your buck to go here because it's small almost never had a long line and it was very eye-opening to walt and the rest of the team to think this thing. This boat ride can eat a lot of people and has a lot of turnover. It's a fifteen minute attraction. That is very long for disney standards absolutely but it still keeps. The people churning through and they feel like they're getting a good value and so it's interesting. There's a story and this is one of those you don't know if it's factor fiction but supposedly as soon as walt realized this that that was a major reason why it's a small world was doing so well. He called back to california. Because some of the imagine ears were working on its Working on pirates of the caribbean at

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