Episode 253 | Storytelling: It's a Small World - burst 12


You know just like that warm fuzzy feeling world peace you know we can all come together and this is the message and this is the meaning kind of thing again. Every time we mentioned the chairman brothers. We always mentioned the boys documentary. That's on disney. Plus it will leave you feeling some type of a it's It's very hard to describe because we don't want to spoil it for anybody a domestic watch. It's a must watch. But you will view the sherman brothers differently. Not in a worse way you. There's just it's a story that is not told very often. I don't think. But i mean i do think it gives them. You know when you think about disney and all the work that they did for disney you know. They're very much put on a pedestal. Because what they did is brilliant. The documentary makes them more human

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