S4E9 - Hashashin's Creed - burst 14

Pressure Points


Much. Better cool ship. Oh yeah wake willer. Yeah fucking awesome. Hell yeah. I drink some lesson river honey and sucks him some milk titi titi river milk. This is why we're never going to be so shit like we're never going to get around to it but yeah that's yukking nuts. I love it the assassin that you heard it here first the next assassin creed game. It's going to be based on this. I mean the first assassin's creed game was based on this. Yeah they're going to remake it. I mean i wouldn't mind. I'm pretty sure they already did. A re master. They're going to remake the master out of did play as a man on the mountain. Yeah you just get to recruit What do we decided. They were not prostitutes but really hot bad bitches. Sex workers is that the acceptable term. I i ask every time. We'll i thought seductresses. Yes that's the entire game is up by wander around What persia and gist tehran. Yet you want around iran and recruits seductresses. game is. yeah. Yeah i like that. I'd pay for that. I'd say sixty bucks aaa. There's a leak leak here. You hear it here first. We'll be released. A gameplay footage next week oh god i got three seconds. Twitter's shares up physics by the way My girlfriend is playing. What is it code vein. I don't know some. I don't know what that is It's like a japanese anime styled game and within the first like thirty seconds. I just turn and i was like. Are you

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