A highlight from 477. Moving Day: a mindful story and relaxation for kids


Honey please come here. Kelly ran to the front of the house where mom was outside on the front porch beckoning to her. Kelly stepped outside also standing on the front porch with a little girl and at grown-up woman. Stacey and a nora. I'd like you to meet my daughter. Kelly said kelly's mom. I'm healy kim. Kelly this is a nora and her mom stacy from across the street and that man jumping up and down in the street trying to signal. The moving truck is my husband. June healy added with a laugh. Stacey laughed to. It's so nice to meet you. kelly haley. I'm sorry we didn't mean to interrupt your move in but we happen to see you enter the house and we wanted to welcome you and to bring you something to eat for tonight. I bet you won't want to have to cook anything after the movers. Leave my goodness. That is so thoughtful. Said haley's mom gratefully. Stacey handed her a large dish covered in aluminum foil. You're right this will be wonderful halley. Now we won't have to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches tonight. Kelly had been standing very close to her mother feeling a little shy but now she stepped out a little bit and said politely. Thank you she smiled shyly at the new little girl. A nora gave her a big smile. Back it's lasagna. She said excitedly dad made it. And it's my favorite thing. Dad makes also here. She said shopping bag into kallis hands. He's cookies i helped make them. They're really good. Tally peaked in the bag and took a sniff smell really good mom she said beaming. How old are you asked nora. I'm five said. Kelly good said nora. I'm six we can be friends. Let's play together soon. Nora said stacy firmly. I'm sure kelly and her family are very busy today. We don't wanna keep you haley. She said but welcome to the neighborhood. Please let us know if you need anything and as soon as you start to feel settled. I'd love to have you over to our house and we can introduce you to everyone. Thank you said halie gratefully. We heard islanders. Were really friendly. And it's true we'd love to have you over for dinner. Once we get our dishes unpacked. Wonderful said stacy. Well good luck today. We'll talk to you soon. Bye callie it was nice to meet you. Nice to meet you to the by an aura said kelly happily waving back a nora. Who was waving excitedly as she skipped down the path to the sidewalk. Kelly's mom asked her to take the lasagna. And the cookies into the kitchen. By now dad had flagged down. The movers and the moving truck was pulling into the driveway. The rest of the day was a blur of the movers. Brought in all the furniture and the boxes when they were finally done and had left kellyanne. Her parents eight the delicious lasagna and cookies. Kelly helped her mom open a box of bedding and together they made up kelly's bad as mom and dad tucked kellyanne for the night. They said. See honey. You didn't need to worry. You already made a new friend today.

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