What if you could perfectly train sharks?


What if you could perfectly train sharks and we've done a couple of episodes. Now were trained different types animals and what we mean by training is basically you can control and teach them to do things so they can understand commands. they'll generally follow them and you can use them to do whatever you want that would-be within their normal abilities and we. We made the distinction. Where like you can control on. But they still free well so they can do. They can still do whatever they why but you can. Basically teach them to have the ability to do something like like an exceptionally smart dog kind of level of being able to obey commands and things. And i imagine it's a fairly friendly relationships though. They'll probably do what you want them to yet to. Which is good for sharks because if the answer was well you could try. You can try and train them but they will eat. You is not a real great answer. But anyway i'm gonna go ahead and get started and what i really wanted to go in with. You know. sharks do law school things. They're big they have lots of sharp teeth. They eat lots of things but this not super helpful so i was look in. What else sharks can do. Besides just fish stuff and where the rabbit hole. I kind of went down. Is sharks have a sixth sense so everyone knows that sharks smell really really good. Well they can smell. There is wonderful in the oceans. I imagine they smell like brian. But in addition to all their other good senses that they have they have a sixth one is electro reception. So basically it's an ability that sharks have where they can sense electromagnetic fields and use this to hunt. Their prey

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