President Biden, Senator Tom Cotton And Bay Air discussed on America in the Morning


Voting against it. The Senate has passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus package for covert 19 relief know some of the money doesn't even go to covert relief projects, not for months. But for years, Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, upset that prisoners are eligible for those $1400 direct payments. Tweeting that joke RCR, Nev. The Boston bomber, he said he murdered three people and terrorized the city. He'll be getting $1400 stimulus check. As part of the Democrats. Covert relief built, the Senate did get rid of two pork projects that would have pumped millions into the Bay Air. Area transit system in San Francisco. There's now no money for construction of a bridge between upstate New York and Canada. That's Fox's David spot reporting. Meanwhile, more than two dozen House Republicans on Friday urged President Biden to reinstate a national emergency declaration for the southern border as a surge of migrants are trying to cross into the U. S. Republicans say the surgeon border crossings is all tied to President Biden's decision to roll back some of those trump era border policies. The White House insists that this is not a crisis and that they're able to handle the situation more humanely on set. Today. 14 Biden Advisors, including the Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro My Orkest, led a delegation down to the border. We also saw the president's domestic policy adviser, Susan Rice, and his deputy national security advisor make the trip. White House says advisers met with local border officials to discuss their needs for holding migrant families. They also reportedly received a briefing on border infrastructure that sponsors Mark MEREDITH. Meanwhile, authorities say they will seek criminal charges against the people involved in a massive party near the University of Colorado in Boulder that developed into a Violent confrontation with police this weekend, city police say up to 800 people flooded the streets in an area known as the Hill on Saturday night, and when told to leave, they threw bottles, rocks and other objects that left three officers

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