Climate change is our reality. Here's how we're taking action

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Hello everyone. I'm al gore founder and chairman of the climate reality project. This extraordinary moment of great challenge and great loss is obviously also a moment of great awakening and a great opportunity. The global pandemic structural and institutional racism with it's horrific violence the worsening impacts of the climate crisis all of these have accelerated the emergence of a new and widespread collective understanding of our connection to the natural world the consequences of ignoring science and our sacred obligation to build a just society for all the climate reality project. Trains thousands of climate leaders around the world and all one hundred ninety. Five nations advocate for a future humanity deserves. You're about to hear from four very different people who've gone through this week long training and hear how they've been inspired to act. I want to let them speak for themselves. Beginning with he minna. Loria jimena is working in central america to influence public policy and develop young later. She has given presentations on climate of thousands of people and has now created her own gio on her. Costa rica in out two thousand sixteen. Cheney vicks training nine change. I found ngo cold Bells my job has been focused on for me. Orthodox they both sation climate change supporting i see anti-taliban young eaters. Environmental hours somehow having more why and fifty presentations on climate crisis visuals raging personally more than three thousand one hundred people in. I am also proud of being part of eco savvy. Casulaties defy mistake nasseri. Nanna furman born in. Indonesia is a climate advocate extraordinaire and calls herself. A daughter of the rainforest is the muslim coordinator for green faith and co founder of the global muslim climate network. My name is nona man and i am a climate reality leaders in my life journey. I realized that behavior and consumption habits have contributed in environmental degradation and have resulted in global warming. However i believe that people grow spiritually through a strong relationship with the earth being born in the rainforest region of sumatra. I believe in our of our forests as the nejra solution to our climate crisis by giving indigenous peoples and traditional communities more rights to protect and manage the forest where they left now more than ever. It is time for us to look climate justice at the and center of our struggle. It's in the kaduna region of northern nigeria. They call gloria song. Boulos the queen of the climate crisis. Gloria has also founded a cocoon abased. Ngo that is focused on education empowerment and climate as the chemicals plans into training apply for eighty two thousand seventeen house me to be into bill capacity afterwards and they spend on my various action really very of some of my one of chief manages to children of his junior to get up to talk about climate change disclosures of climate change. Some walks have gone around eating me. See the planet. I mean planets scenes.

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