Jaycee Horn's Rise to the NFL

The Lead


We'll do some people thought that the panthers maybe should have taken a quarterback specifically justin fields with number eight pick. What is matt rule said about his decision to go with jesse horn. What does he like about this guy. One thing he did say as like jaycee lived this like he knows what it takes to be successful in the nfl. Because he saw his dad he lived at his dad was. Nfl player. great nfl player. he's grown up with it. His whole life play at the highest level. He's got thirty three inch charms. He's six one. Whatever he is ran for three jumped forty two inches. I mean he's a. He's a rare physical specimen who also has the pedigree that's hard to find. He loves jc horn. He loves the physical nature cockiness and the size the speed to match up with all the big receivers in this division but it also tells us something about what the panthers feel about. Sam darnold over justin fields. Right i mean darnold is a guy when they traded for him. They talked a lot about this like he could almost be in this draft from an age standpoint. He's only twenty. Three darnold turns twenty four june. He's younger than joe burrow. Who of course was in last year's draft but it's a risk and if just enfield's goes on to be an all pro guy and chicago and the bears answer quarterback. History will not look upon this panthers decision favorably again. Nothing to do j. c. more about darnold versus justin fields.

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