A highlight from Episode 59 Cut and Run


Sixty-six. But this is the journey of an unlikely few. Meet the bad batch. You're ready for this hunter. The leader in and out quickly and quietly brecca the broiler on this and all the acts tycoon the specialist. This is not a standard military operation. Echo the hacker. This great plan of yours looking really lousy about cross half the marksman away halted by genetic mutations rag tag band of close struggles facilities and the choices will determine the fate in dangerous new galaxy. Welcome to episode fifty nine a radio free end and the bad batch report where we catch a week by week with clone false ninety nine and their escape from the newly formed galactic. Empire jamie your host with me is my son christopher. Are you doing. Chris yeah really good thank you. Before we get into the bud badge. I want to tell tallahassee listeners that me and my partner as we know who is watching clone was what should rebels now on the batch side-by-side rebels by by side by side and me and holly recently don't to the season finale of season two of rebels and the was the two part episode The twilight apprentice. I had the phantom apprentice of the twilight francis that goes to They go to the planet of molecule on meet dolph. Oh yeah as. I say completely completely ton rebels on its head for holiday. I think even to myself. I remember season three. Reinforce being really really good. I remember season to getting a book. That finale with a socalbmw dot fade. I'm oh really ten rebels up like completely all the way up to him from that because you have to think soon the season three comes around you now have as roy w with the dog. Signed moore on always ready. Good things to come really really enjoyed it. The funniest thing that i want to say is Holly fiber character is a so-called. It might be pretty basic is like everybody's favorite character book. it's a so obviously. At the end of the twilight apprentice she is good zoom dead. You know yeah. Yeah holly literally when is action hurt. She data. yeah she goes. She's not dead she's in. She's in the mandalorian on mike. How does she get that. If dolph eight literally gilda he walked right. she didn't yeah on. And i'm going to let al gonna giggle at on i. It's like this is not just. Tell me how how she's in that. It gets a little bit complex. Just how me time travel time travel. I told you just watch. Just carry her watching it. Yeah yeah it's it's a whole new thing it. When they introduced time travel time travel is in the star trek universe. Not star wars bull. Now it's install was anything can happen is not hat mickley time travel but it technically is just like it's time manipulation. Yeah because he's not going back in time. You just pull someone through time. But we when i get through to that paul of the season Of season four. I believe it is. I will i will tell the the podcast y feel and how my brambles rewatch has kevin snuff and so far canaan he still won the best Yeah he's he's really good. I like to like rebels as it went along. It got better and better for me as went. There was some choices in it out. Still gotten really but Yeah fantastic series fantastic. Yes and i'm one of the newest. I will question. Is the climbing walls and rebels. Had it's more child friendlier episodes I wonder if the bad batch will have child more child-friendly episodes. I'm you go with. No i have is going to be very consistent oil white free but we always to see and that brings us all to exit to so obviously are made full of episode. One came out the at seven. I think the episode to came out. Did you put and run. Did you a both. Sam didn't want to go straight to them so critical to just talk about some some news on the on the internet. That's cracking up right now. So we'll just go onto them. I know you try to get into this episode and everyone. Let's do some to some new show. It's always the right. So the first thing that i that's been all over tiktok all over the internet is that they are filming the new series about ten miles away from blackpool england. Cleveland it on their beachfront they've detected out stall was wise. And in

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